Organisational Structure


Board of Shareholders:

Representative of the Macau Special Administrative Region: Financial Services Bureau Vice-President Ho In Mui

Representative of the Industrial and Commercial Development Fund: Economic and Technological Development Bureau President Tai Kin Ip

Representatives of the Science and Technology Development Fund: Administrative Committee President Chan Wan Hei/Administrative Committee Member Cheang Kun Wai


Company Secretary:

 Vong Sok Hei, Rosita


Board of Directors:

Chairperson: Lam Kam Seng, Peter


Tse See Fan, Paulo

Leong Keng Seng

Lau Veng Seng

Board Members:

Wong Chung Yuen

Poon Lock Kee, Rocky

Tam Chi Wai

Sheng Li

Wang Yu


Board of Supervisors:

Chairperson: Ling Hsião Yun, Paula

Board Members:

Cheong Lok Tin

Vong Hou Piu

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