Message from the Chairperson of the BOD


Promoting Macau’s sustainable development, improving Macau residents’ living environment and building a liveable city have always been the goals of the Macau SAR Government, as well as the general demand of the Macau residents.

Under this background, relevant laws and regulations such as “Tax Relief Scheme for Building Redevelopment” and “Urban Renewal Temporary Housing and Home Swap Legal System” have been put into effect, setting the foundations for a legal framework for urban renewal.

Having listened to views from all sectors of society, especially after a widespread discussion by the Urban Renewal Committee, the Government established “Macau Urban Renewal Limited” (MUR) in April 2019 as an entity responsible for the execution of urban renewal through coordination and promotion.

The first project being carried out by MUR after its establishment was to start the registration of individuals who are either the buyer from a presale condominium of the original development project on Lot P in Areia Preta or the buyer from a reseller in the presale, then make home purchasing arrangements for those individuals who are eligible for the Home Swap programme. MUR is working on the project accordingly, and expects it to be completed over the next few years. At the same time, MUR is devoted to another important task of revitalising old districts and land to create more public spaces for residents. While housing for the Home Swap programme is being built on Lot P, we will take the opportunity to construct temporary housing units there too for residents affected by the revitalisation of old districts in the future.

Urban renewal is an interdisciplinary field involving urban planning, policy guidance, construction and community service. As an entity responsible for urban renewal in Macau, MUR will do its utmost to get the work done under the guidance of related laws and policies. MUR has built a team of high-calibre talent to promote urban renewal work, including the revitalisation of old neighbourhood Iao Hon Estate and the development of Macau New Neighbourhood in Hengqin. MUR has also established a set of in-house auditing and supervising mechanisms to ensure due diligence is performed and risk management is improved. As a company fully owned by the Government, MUR takes high transparency as the standard and puts public interest first.

We believe that the success of urban renewal in Macau largely depends on whether civil society can reach a consensus on all relevant important issues. We will make every effort to ensure good communication with all sectors of society and stakeholders, especially to form closer ties with the Urban Renewal Council, Urban Planning Council and related entities. By putting our heads together and reaching a consensus, urban development and urban renewal in Macau will be able to advance accordingly.

Let’s work on the restructuring of the distribution of urban functions and revitalisation of old districts together to turn Macau into a liveable city.

Peter Lam Kam Seng

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

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